Markus Prommik
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CEO & Co-founder

Reinis Simanovskis
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CPO & Co-founder

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Alexander James
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Chief Risk Officer

Hervansyah Nugraha
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Chief Technology Officer

Yonathan Gautama
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Head of Legal &

Gov. Realtions

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Financial Controller

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Head of Credit Operations


Head of Marketing



Project Lead


Talent acquisition & Admin Manager

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The platform to build credit scoring for the underbanked digital society in South East Asia

Accelerating access to credit. Now.

Interested to learn more about the credit scoring ecosystem in Indonesia?

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How we're bridging SEA's Credit Gap

(Serving a US$ 70 Bn underserved Market)

97 million Southeast Asians are excluded from transparent and sustainable financial services because of a mismatch in demand for credit and the supply of trustworthy credit-risk scores.

By leveraging users’ digital footprints, Danatech accurately scores them, giving them access to credit. This enables a huge in-demand market that traditional financial institutions are unable to serve. 

This, in turn, creates an impactful movement towards the financial health of the underserved individuals and MSMEs. We focus on impact, income mobility, and gender equality.


Leveraging Big Data & Digital Footprint

Our credit scores are based on actual spending patterns, users’ social graphs, and other statistically significant data.


Practice has demonstrated that this provides superior credit decisions to the qualitative assumptions used by traditional models.

We disrupt existing assumptions and open markets.

Giving everyone an option when they need it the most. Immediately. 

Our proprietary algorithms are designed and developed to provide everyone with their first credit score within seconds.

Risk-based pricing & Predictive behavior modeling

We enable individuals to step into the “financially included” population by guiding them into credit with risk-based pricing.

We build credit history. Together.

From their first credit scoring, users enter a journey towards a better understanding of credit and financial well-being. We pace (grow) their credit on the progression of this understanding.

A small Team

(on a mission)

Our team combines the skills and experience from Tech, Insurance, Telco, Data & Banking Industries.

We’re A-players on one mission: Accelerating access to credit!


An Indonesian success story powered by Danatech

We’ve already established Danabijak, a key Indonesian financial service provider & Licensed P2P Fintech. 


What's next? We believe the technology and process we've built could serve a higher purpose. We aim to become the most advanced technology and data platform for embedded financial services, providing for the prime underbanked individuals and MSME-borrowers that constitute the digital society in ASEAN.

Today, in Indonesia, it takes less than 5-minutes to start building a credit score for a better future. 

Back when the company launched its first product, impact-driven short-term financing, we pioneered the industry and reduced time-to-finance from weeks to hours to minutes.

Our 3-person team committed themselves to building the processes and technology that would provide access to credit for our users.

Many man-years of day-in-day-out R&D later, we have created a product 10x better than those of traditional financial institutions.

We cracked open a new approach to consumer financing, both from a user and a business perspective.

In a little less than 4 years, we have satisfied the needs of more than 50,000 underbanked individual customers.

By developing our proprietary technology, we scored, qualified, and provided our users with socially inclusive financial services ranging from micro single payment loans to larger installment loans.

Prime partners trust us.

Over the years, we have fostered key partnerships with regional and national financial institutions, including state-owned banks and regulators as well as technology platforms.


From panel discussions with regulators, we are convinced our B2B2C model will maximize our positive impact. 

Andar Perdana

President Commissioner (Danabijak)

Andar role is to provide supervision and advise with regulatory and compliance matters. 

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Advised by experienced Board Members

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Innovating. Always.

Since 2019, we have developed new financially inclusive ecosystems by addressing specific segments' needs.


Our mission is to accelerate access to credit in ASEAN by bridging the gap between our customers' need for fast financing options and manageable financial commitments.